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In 2015, Tiffany quit her real estate job to backpack the world with her fiancé. During this time she reconnected with her love of creating pretty things & finding a place for them in this world. She started her creative career first as a poet, then as a tattoo designer in France.

Returning to Australia, she started freelancing in graphic design and then transitioned into product and wedding photography. She had just established her name in the wedding photography industry in 2020, when COVID lockdowns hit Australia, wiping out all all her bookings for the year.  

She quickly turned her jewellery making hobby into a brand and safe to say she won't be changing careers in the foreseeable future.

"In December 2019, I made a pair of earrings from salvaged parts of broken earrings. At the time, I aspired to be a product photographer and wanted to expand my portfolio. After photographing them I listed them for sale on Etsy and someone bought them right away. I loved the process and began making more designs. The cycle kept repeating and well, here we are now."

"The Traveller Series was the name of a collection of poems I wrote. The book went to print but never got published. The name was very sentimental to me, as it was the first home for my creative production, now it's still a home but for a different creative outlet."

Tiffany is our director and designer, photographer, and writer. When she's not working, which is hardly ever, she enjoys developing recipes, styling spaces and wardrobes, and exploring this planet with her now husband, Clement and their fur son Kikou.