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A collection of various timeless jewellery with beautiful freshwater pearls, sourced from small and independent pearl farms.

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Pim Petite Pearl EarringsPim Petite Pearl Earrings
Pim Petite Pearl Earrings Sale priceFrom $157.00
Elisse Double Pearl Drop StudsElisse Double Pearl Drop Studs
Irregular Pearl StudsIrregular Pearl Studs
Irregular Pearl Studs Sale price$67.00
Elisse Pearl Ear ThreadersElisse Pearl Ear Threaders
Samantha IIISamantha III
Samantha III Sale price$151.00
Save $12.00Adeline Pearl BraceletAdeline Pearl Bracelet
Adeline Pearl Bracelet Sale price$54.00 Regular price$66.00
Samantha IISamantha II
Samantha II Sale priceFrom $136.00
Elisse Pearl Bracelet
Elisse Pearl Bracelet Sale price$60.00
Adeline Pearl NecklaceAdeline Pearl Necklace
Adeline Pearl Necklace Sale price$70.00
Lua Pearl NecklaceLua Pearl Necklace
Lua Pearl Necklace Sale priceFrom $72.00
Perfect Pearl StudsPerfect Pearl Studs
Perfect Pearl Studs Sale price$52.00
Elisse Single Drop StudElisse Single Drop Stud
Elisse Single Drop Stud Sale price$67.00
Audrey Pearl Earrings IIAudrey Pearl Earrings II
Audrey Pearl Earrings II Sale price$67.00
Save $8.00Adeline Pearl HoopsAdeline Pearl Hoops
Adeline Pearl Hoops Sale price$40.00 Regular price$48.00
Save $8.00Tiffany Pearl HoopsTiffany Pearl Hoops
Tiffany Pearl Hoops Sale price$46.00 Regular price$54.00
Elisse Double Pearl HooksElisse Double Pearl Hooks
Elisse Double Pearl Hooks Sale price$90.00
Adeline Pearl Strand ChokerAdeline Pearl Strand Choker
Adeline Pearl Strand Choker Sale priceFrom $121.00
Irene Pearl NecklaceIrene Pearl Necklace
Irene Pearl Necklace Sale price$58.00
Armelle HoopsArmelle Hoops
Armelle Hoops Sale price$114.00
Morgana Pearl NecklaceMorgana Pearl Necklace
Morgana Pearl Necklace Sale priceFrom $84.00
On saleElisse Pearl PendantElisse Pearl Pendant
Elisse Pearl Pendant Sale priceFrom $34.00 Regular price$40.00
Save $14.00Elisse Pearl HoopsElisse Pearl Hoops
Elisse Pearl Hoops Sale price$40.00 Regular price$54.00
Tiffany Pink Pearl HoopsTiffany Pink Pearl Hoops
Tiffany Pink Pearl Hoops Sale price$54.00
Elisse Pearl Necklace w Plain ChainElisse Pearl Necklace w Plain Chain
Clementine IClementine I
Clementine I Sale price$109.00
Lua Pearl Bracelet
Lua Pearl Bracelet Sale price$70.00
Elisse Black Pearl Earrings
Lua Pearl HoopsLua Pearl Hoops
Lua Pearl Hoops Sale price$96.00
Tiffany Pearl Bracelet
Tiffany Pearl Bracelet Sale price$85.00
Pim GrandePim Grande
Pim Grande Sale priceFrom $196.00
Save $12.00Tiffany Black Pearl HoopsTiffany Black Pearl Hoops
Tiffany Black Pearl Hoops Sale price$54.00 Regular price$66.00
Samantha ISamantha I
Samantha I Sale priceFrom $166.00
Lua Pearl PendantLua Pearl Pendant
Lua Pearl Pendant Sale price$52.00
Tiffany Pearls AnkletTiffany Pearls Anklet
Tiffany Pearls Anklet Sale price$91.00
Sold outElisse 3 Row Pearl ChokerElisse 3 Row Pearl Choker
Elisse 3 Row Pearl Choker Sale price$242.00
Elisse Pearls AnkletElisse Pearls Anklet
Elisse Pearls Anklet Sale priceFrom $78.00
Kimberly Pearl NecklaceKimberly Pearl Necklace
Kimberly Pearl Necklace Sale price$102.00
Kimberly Pearl Drop StudsKimberly Pearl Drop Studs
Kimberly Pearl Drop Studs Sale price$60.00
Kimberly Pearl HoopsKimberly Pearl Hoops
Kimberly Pearl Hoops Sale price$72.00
Kimberly Pearl BraceletKimberly Pearl Bracelet
Kimberly Pearl Bracelet Sale price$84.00