Blessed with an immaculate scenery set along the coast, JP and Jarrod's wedding was a gorgeous getaway. The Evoke Company captured some beautiful portraits of the couple along the sea-cliff side, which had our team in complete awe. 

Jayme-Lee's asymmetrical gown with intricate lace detailing was perfectly complimented by our Samantha I earrings - these earrings feel like they were made just for her!

Post-wedding, Jayme-Lee mentioned to us she did the worm on her wedding day and the earrings are still intact! She even wore them again recently for an event, showcasing how versatile our pieces are. We wish the lovely couple a marriage of happiness and bliss, and one filled with more worm-filled dances for a lifetime.


Bride: @jp.brack | Photographer: @theevokecompany | Videographer: @mitchhickmanfilms | Stylist & Florist: @be_designed | Celebrant: @hamptonweddings | Singer: @valleyanimal | Caterer: @garnish_catering | Cake: @twobirds.bakery | DJ: @xydj